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"End Of The World Bunker" Listed On Zillow: 10,000SqFt, Blast-Doors, & EMP Shielding

•, by Tyler Durden

Whether it's to survive the next global conflict, civil war in America, a tyrannical government that locks down the economy because of a virus, out-of-control BLM riots, and or possibly a solar storm that zaps that nation's power and communications grid, bunker demand has been smokin' hot.

X account "Zillow Gone Wild" posted Thursday about a 10,000 sqft bunker hidden in Polo, Missouri, that was recently listed. 

"In an era where even technology titans are grabbing headlines for their investments in personal safety, such as his end-of-the-world bunker, this property emerges as a true testament to visionary planning," the Zillow listing said. 

The bunker offers 10,007 sqft of modernized underground space and is located just 35 minutes away from Kansas City. 

"It has 2.5 foot thick concrete walls, EMP-resistant copper shielding, and 2 3,000 pound blast doors," Zillow Gone Wild said. 

The bunker's price is $2 million - and that's affordable compared with other bunkers listed for tens of millions of dollars. 

And in the world of bunker-building news, corporate media recently shined a spotlight on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's underground bunker being built in Kauai, Hawaii. Almost as if he knows something...