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Brand new NH polls sound Nikki Haley's death knell…


As it turns out, the Coalition of the Lukewarm (heavily suburban, female, college-educated milquetoast independents and Trump-hating Democrats) that she is putting together doesn't appear to be enough to deliver her the Granite State.

The first poll to sound the alarm for Nikki was released earlier today, and it was sponsored by the Boston Globe. The poll shows Trump with an absolutely massive lead with New Hampshire Republicans, and, even worse for Nikki, he's running neck and neck with her with independents.

That's not the result Nikki wants to hear, as she's banking on Democrats and independents pulling Republican primary ballots and delivering her the win. If she splits independent voters with Trump, she's naan.

One poll could be an outlier, but two are a trend. The next poll to drop was conducted by St. Anselm, and it shows Trump breaching the 50% mark for a majority of the vote. In the poll, Nikki does do slightly better with independents than the Boston Globe poll, but she's losing with Republicans by 40 points.

After Iowa, Nikki Haley wants us all to believe that this is a two-man race, despite the fact that she came in third place. Perhaps her speechwriter forgot to update the script.