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German Economy in 'Freefall' as Tractor Farmers Protest Against Government

• UK Sun and Associated Press

Germany has the world's third largest economy, but since COVID, it has been sluggish and it is trying to plug a $19 billion budget hole. The protests have tapped into wider discontent with Germany's government: stringent green initiatives, including the rolling out of heat pumps, have been unpopular with many. There is also opposition to mass immigration. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) party that advocates for remigration of foreigners is gaining popularity with some and is considered far-right by critics.

LIGHTS flashing and horns blaring, 3,000 tractors trundled through Hanover in Germany bringing its streets to a gridlocked standstill.

Stepping down from his cab, arable farmer Axel Friehe told me his beleaguered nation's economy is "breaking down".

"We hope our protests are the start of something big," he said of the tractor cavalcade being cheered by locals.

Farmer Friehe, 51, may soon have his wish.