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Dark Brandon, Democratic Humanitarian

• - Karen Kwiatkowski

Under Secretary of State Vickie Nuland, despised Gonzalo, as did Zelensky.  People from around the world, who had been informed by Gonzalo's reports, interviews and articles asked their governments to assist.  None apparently did, and most certainly his own government – the one led by Dark Brandon and the Democrats and the war-loving, truth-hating Republicans – did absolutely nothing.

Well, that's not entirely true.  The US government downplayed the arrest and the conditions, and denied that Lira was a journalist (along the lines of similar denials relating to Julian Assange).  The progressive liberal Daily Beast did several attack pieces on Gonzalo before and after his detention. Oh, and he was a smoker too. Just as the Australian government has been of no help to their cruelly and wrongly imprisoned citizen Julian Assange, our own government was of zero assistance to Gonzalo Lira.  He was isolated from and received no attention or advocacy by the many US State Department officers in Ukraine.  Perhaps they were too busy handing out US taxpayer cash and paychecks to the Ukrainian government and Zelensky's cronies.   We may never know the truth.