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Net Zero uproar in Germany -- mass Farmer protests spread to other workers and other countries…

•, By Jo Nova

The Germany government gave a partial concession last week, but the protests only grew stronger. Not only are the autobahns and streets grid-locked with thousands of tractors and trucks, but the freight and passenger trains have also stopped in a three day strike. Cargo boats are blocking inland waterways and canals. There is a looming strike of doctors as well, and the cluster of discontent has been labelled "Mistgabelmop " — the pitchfork mob. Convoys are up to 20 kilometers long, and are widespread. The protests appear to be spreading. There are rumors of protests gathering in support in France. Romania, Poland, and the UK

Pierre Gosselin, at NoTricksZone in Germany, writes "Never in postwar history has a ruling government been so unpopular".

The things the BBC/ABC/CBC/NPR/etc didn't tell you on the news tonight can be found in five minutes on Twitter. Vive Free Speech. Thank you Elon. Those who control most of the Western media don't want the unwashed masses to know about these protests because they fear the protests will spread like wildfire.

"They feel like they are being ruled by people that hate them"

— Eva Vlaardingerbroek

The Wall Street Journal comments that "Radical environmentalists pioneered aggressive protest techniques, but they didn't have tractors."  Despite the inconvenience, nearly 70% of the German people support the farmers.

One irony, which Britain's Just Stop Oil or Germany's Fridays for Future lefties will be too dim to note, is that if everyone who is negatively affected by the costs of net zero starts taking to the streets, the net-zero fantasy will end in a flash.  —   Joseph C Sternberg, WSJ

Things are so dire the German "traffic light coalition"  government is thinking of using more coal. News has leaked that the German Economics Minister has shelved the old "power plant plan" which depended on gas, and is secretly planning on increasing old coal fired "reserve" power. Only in October the plan was to phase out the coal back up for next winter, but already it is clear this won't work. –– Berliner Zeitung.