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Doug Casey on De-Banking, Financial Censorship, and a Social Credit System

•, by Doug Casey

Dr. Joseph Mercola has been targeted as a misinformation spreader and deplatformed. Nigel Farage has been de-banked because of his political views.

What's your take on this trend of hyper-politicization of everything?

Doug Casey: It seems that most everything has been hyper-politicized. But it's worse than that. There's a more fundamental problem. The basic philosophical and psychological underpinnings of society have been so poisoned that everybody thinks in terms of politics—which is to say, they think the government should be used to coerce society.

You can't easily cure the disease of hyper-politicization. The people who control academia, major corporations, the media, and the entertainment industry, among other things, actually hate the values of Western Civilization. Worse, these people control the apparatus of the State and use laws and regulations to enforce their views.

DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) is just the most recent manifestation of the sickness infecting the West. Everybody is viewed as either the oppressor or the oppressed, an essentially Marxist view that amplifies the intrinsically corrosive nature of politics.

As long as the State exists, you're either the ruler or the ruled. That's why I "identify," to use a currently fashionable word, as an AnCap or anarcho-capitalist.

Artificial concepts like "safe spaces," "trigger warnings," and "microaggressions" have only come up in the last decade, but they're now everywhere. They're hard to wash away because they aren't just pseudointellectual fads but signs of psychological derangement—or spiritual sickness. The syndrome can be termed "Wokism."