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The end looms for Justin Trudeau: Canadian PM plummets in the polls as 70% disapprove...


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is fighting for his political future as his disapproval rate plummets and observers say he desperately needs a new narrative.

Trudeau and his Liberal party sit ten points behind Conservatives in the polls, a gap that may only widen as Canadians grow increasingly dissatisfied with the economic forecast.

On popular Canadian Broadcasting Corporation podcast the Front Burner, journalist Aaron Wherry said Trudeau is in urgent need of a 'branding and marketing guru' to counter the growing popularity of Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre.

Poilievre, the longtime MP and official opposition leader since 2022, has taken ahold of the 'hope agenda,' according to Wherry, that so invigorated Canadians when Trudeau first sezied upon it in 2015.

cost of living crisis that includes massive inflation, soaring grocery prices, rising mortgage and rental rates, and a housing crises have guided Poilievre toward the message that 'Canada is broken.'

As the Canadian economy balances on the brink of recession, the people, in growing numbers, seem to agree with him.

The Fronter Burner hosts make the case that Trudeau and his party are effectively without a message right now.

The people are in the dark in terms of how the government is choosing its priorities, and the middle class do not feel they have the attention of the prime minister the way they once did.