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Dire Warning Against the United Nations 'Pandemic Treaty' that Can Force...

•, by JW Williams

Biologist Bret Weinstein gives a dire warning that the forces controlling the US will hand over its sovereignty in May 2024 to the United Nations by signing on to the 'Pandemic Treaty'. The treaty will give the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and its signatory countries the ability to define a public emergency on any basis! The treaty will allow the denial of beneficial drugs like ivermectin. Passports that limit travel and access to resources and necessities may also be forced.

The WHO treaty/pact will entitle leaders to mandate remedies that include 'vaccines' and to forbid the use of beneficial medications, like ivermectin. Gene therapy is specifically cited as a remedy in the treaty that could be mandated (mRNA COVID 'vaccines' are actually a harmful gene therapy treatment). Passports that limit travel and access to resources and necessities may also be forced.

Weinstein said that COVID vaccines may have caused 17 million deaths globally. Tucker Carlson estimated that number is similar in size to casualties caused by a global war.

Although the COVID vaccine death rate is a record-setting disaster, Weinstein said that the program didn't go according to globalists' plans, as some people refused COVID vaccines and were able to warn against the shots and later point out the damage caused by the injections. The WHO aims to eliminate future interference by destroying the First Amendment of free speech. The goal is to silence dissenters.

Weinstein said that the US Department of Homeland Security issued a memo that defined three kinds of terrorism: misinformation defined as errors; disinformation defined intentional errors or lies, and malinformation defined as things that are based in truth but cause people to distrust authority. 'Terror' is now a legal definition that causes your rights to evaporate.