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This Factory in Holland Is 3d Printing 500 Tonnes of Steaks a Month

•, Julie Hambleton

This revolutionary approach to meat production is spearheaded by Redefine Meat, an Israeli plant-based startup that aims to offer sustainable and high-quality alternatives to traditional animal-based meat products. With a major distribution deal and the introduction of premium cuts and pulled meat alternatives, Redefine Meat is paving the way for a new era of meat production.

Redefine Meat's Breakthrough Technology

Redefine Meat's factory in Holland utilizes additive manufacturing technology to create plant-based meat products. Unlike conventional 3D printing, which is commonly used for plastics, Redefine Meat has developed a version specifically for creating meat. The process, referred to as additive manufacturing, uses large-scale industrial production machines and food-grade ingredients to create meat products with the right texture, flavor, and mouthfeel. This sets it apart from traditional 3D printing, as it goes beyond shape and focuses on replicating the qualities of real meat. (1)

Their "meat" is, of course, not actually meat at all. It is a plant-based alternative that looks, tastes, and feels like, just with no actual animal involvement. The product itself is made of pea and soy protein, chickpeas, beetroot, nutritional yeast, and coconut fat. Each product is made of the same ingredients, just done in a different way so that it resembles the real thing. It's so similar, in fact, that Giraudi Meats, a real meat product company, has even picked it up.