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Joe Biden is Actually a Great Peacemaker!

• LewRockwell.com - Karen Kwiatkowski

For many Joe watchers, his aimless and rapid withdrawal from Afghanistan leaving over $7 billion in usable weapons and materials to the Taliban, his continuation of the Neocon/NATO proxy war with Russia being fought for $100s of billions of taxpayer dollars in Ukraine, his leadership of the 21st Century War Criminal's Club and billions in aid for the elimination of Gazans from Gaza, his saber rattling over Taiwan, and his generalized warfighting language against over half of the people who live inside our borders – well for all of this, you might think that Dark Brandon is a war-making phenom.

Is "Making America Great Again" his secret mantra? Does the Big Guy think this country can fight and win all kinds of wars, supply other people's successful wars, and conduct domestic operations on a 24-7 war footing?

Joe Biden is doing all he can to reduce the threat the US military has become to us, and to the rest of the world. Soft and hard power of empires weakens and fades over time; Joe is in the right place at the right time to oversee this evaporation of American military and economic strength.  I take a more positive view, and I'm willing to give Joe and his cloistered well-manicured neocon ladies-in -waiting a lot of credit for bringing peace to our planet. 

In his first 100 days, while fake-reeling from a false-flag "insurrection" – otherwise accepted as a DC swamp-driven passion play celebrating the rise of the Deep State and the sacrifice of populism  – Joe Biden announced that the US military fleet, including tanks and armored vehicles, would be converted to electric power.  It's a thing he's still working on.