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HUGE: FARMER UPRISING IN GERMANY! - Politicians Confronted! - Police Deployed!

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Germany's Vice Chancellor Robert Habeck was confronted by thousands of farmers as he disembarked a ferry following a vacation causing the ferry to turn around and find another port. While the media claims that protesters acted out violently, despite police using pepper spray on the protesters, they themselves say the protesters were peaceful. They just wanted answers from the Green Party climate lockdown promoter. Millions face starvation due to the insane restrictions placed on farmers alongside the absurd, damaging taxes and regulations being put in place. This is all part of the World Economic Forum's goal. To starve people out so they're forced to accept the new ration system on a CBDC, complete with carbon credits and 15 Minute Cities. While we've seen massive pushback worldwide against these restrictions on farmers as governments attempt to eradicate farms under the guise of "climate change," we're still seeing countless countries enforce these rules. Canada, The United States, Ireland and France are just to name a few. Meanwhile, globalists are plotting a World War 3 scenario in 2024 coinciding conveniently with the rollout of CBDCs. This devastates supply chains. At the same time, Saudi Arabia is leaving the PETRO dollar and moving into the BRICS system while cutting oil production and shipping to the US and Canada. Ports in the Red Sea are shutting, doubling the price of Asia to Europe shipments. This is organized chaos and chaos brings order. The order will be full fledged technocratic tyranny. If we don't prepare now, we will succumb to this slavery. Resist while you still can!