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Watch: NBC Reporter Triggered Into Histrionics As Ramaswamy Nails Race-Baiting 'Gotchas'

•, by Tyler Durden

And so, they melt down...

In a nutshell - the media has been trying to corner Ramaswamy over a viral exchange with a black pastor in Iowa, in which he rejects the premise that so-called 'reverse racism' is acceptable, and suggests that America - while not perfect, was at the cusp of healthy race relations until the left started aggressively pushing DEI on the basis of 'structural racism' in America.

This caused a reporter from the Washington Post to demand Ramaswamy pledge fealty and "condemn white supremacy," to which Ramaswamy spent the next minute or so eviscerating her with surgical precision. 

Now, NBC News' Dasha Burns has become the latest pundit to challenge Ramaswamy over 'white supremacy,' and it didn't work out as she expected.

"Let's talk about white supremacy and what happened last night for a moment. When you were talking to reporters last night, you called white supremacy a myth," said Burns, noting that Ramaswamy didn't know who white supremacist mass shooter Dylan Roof was.

To which Ramaswamy replied, "Look, I said this last night. Invidious racial discrimination is wrong, no matter how it happens. But if a Washington Post reporter - asking me almost like a catechism ... 'do you denounce white supremacy,' it's incumbent on us to define what white supremacy is" - then asking "Do you believe punctuality is a vestige of white supremacy, Dasha? Cause if you don't, then you have a disagreement with many of those people who are defining those terms."

"Or the written word," he continues - pointing out yet another example of DEI absurdity considered rooted in 'white supremacy.'

"Or the nuclear family."

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