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The zeitgeist is changing. A strange, romantic backlash to the tech era looms

• arclein

What comes next can't be known ?" not with so much war and political instability, the rise of autocrats around the world, and the growing plausibility of a second Donald Trump term. Within the roil ?" or below it ?" one can hazard, at least, a hypothesis: a change is here and it should be named. A rebellion, both conscious and unconscious, has begun. It is happening both online and off-, and the off is where the youth, one day, might prefer to wage it. It echoes, in its own way, a great shift that came more than two centuries ago, out of the ashes of the Napoleonic wars. The new romanticism has arrived, butting up against and even outright rejecting the empiricism that reigned for a significant chunk of this century. Backlash is bubbling against tech's dominance of everyday life, particularly the godlike algorithms ?" their true calculus still proprietary ?" that rule all of digital existence.