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The Great Taking: You Really No Longer Own Your Securities, and You Could Also Lose...

•, By Janet Levy

Under a veil of benevolence, the Great Reset engineered by the World Economic Forum (WEF), aims to shift wealth from individuals and small businesses to global organizations controlled by the elite.  As part of this agenda, a revamping of the financial system has been underway for – believe it or not – over half a century, says David Rogers Webb in his recent book The Great Taking and its accompanying documentary.

Webb's research and insights demonstrate that the WEF's dubious catchphrase You'll own nothing, and you'll be happy already has risky implications for investments in securities, mutual funds, pension funds, and the like. Investors, he shows, are no longer 'owners' of securities; they are only 'unsecured creditors.' Besides, investments are vulnerable to the vagaries of the opaque derivatives market.  If the system collapses – he says this is inevitable – investors will not only lose money, they will receive no compensation.

This is the 'Great Taking' of the title, the beginning of the end of property rights, deemed the bedrock of prosperity by our Founding Fathers and enshrined in the Constitution.  We no longer really own shares; soon, we no may longer own anything.

Having been an investment manager for decades, Webb has a keen understanding of the markets and the intricacies of the financial system.  He realized early on that Wall Street was out of sync with Main Street: money creation by the Federal Reserve, a privately owned institution controlled by large private banks, dwarfed real economic activity.  The movement of financial markets is in fact steered by private banks and big investment firms.

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