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A Free And Open Internet Is An Existential Threat To The Establishment

• by Connor O'Keefe

Here is Francis Fukuyama (of "End of History" fame), a core node in the Stanford censorship network, agreeing w Kate Starbird that "the level playing field & "marketplace of ideas" are "18th-century notions" that should be eschewed & plotting how to end-run the First Amendment.

— Mike Benz (@MikeBenzCyber) December 20, 2023

Fukuyama then reflects on how a censorship regime could be enacted in the United States.

But the question then becomes, how do you actually regulate content that you think is noxious, harmful, and the like—and do it in a way that's consistent with the First Amendment? Now, I think you can push the boundaries a bit because the First Amendment does not allow you to say anything you want. But among liberal democracies, our First Amendment law is among the most expansive of any developed democracy.