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South Park eviscerates Logan Paul and his Prime energy drinks in savage takedown

•, Sabrina Barr

In the latest episode, a controversial and headline-grabbing figure became their next target – YouTuber and professional wrestler Logan Paul and his energy drink brand Prime, which he launched with fellow boxer KSI.

In South Park (Not Suitable for Children), the sixth special instalment to be released, the animated sitcom introduces a hydration drink called Cred, which kids are being encouraged to drink by influencers.

At one point, Clyde watches a video online, which features a vlogger who bears a striking and unmistakable resemblance to Logan.

In the video, the influencer states: 'The most important thing is just to be yourself. When I feel like I can't be myself, that's when I need a hydration drink that'll pick me up. That's when I need Cred!'

As Clyde reacts with exasperation to the clear product plug, the influencer advertises Cred as being '100% sugar-free' as he pours it all over his face while in the gym.

'Cred has electrolytes so you can ride your bike, and also Cred has more vitamin A than your body could possibly ever use!' he continues, as a young child who's had the drink says: 'I can't feel my face.'

At the end of the advert, a voiceover urges consumers to 'drink Cred at your school today', before adding that it's 'not intended for children'.

The character, with his above-shoulder-length hair, backwards cap and yellow gilet, immediately drew parallels to Logan among fans of South Park, who were in hysterics over the on-the-nose comparison to the wrestler.