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Mark Zuckerberg Is Reportedly Building $100 Million Survivalist Estate In Hawaii.

• by Kay Smythe

Rumors erupted Thursday that Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg is building a $100 million Hawaii compound fit to survive any apocalypse except one that actually raises sea levels.

The compound, located on Kauai, will apparently be called Koolau Ranch, and is already partially constructed, Wired reported. It looks like it'll be one of the most expensive properties constructed in modern history. Along with a 5,000-square-foot underground shelter with an alleged escape hatch (via ladder), the property will host at least 30 bedrooms, 30 bathrooms, and a slew of guest homes and treehouses joined together by wooden bridges.Even though this sounds like a big kid's dream (ie: everyone's dream), the survivalist nature of the design is a tad concerning. News of the compound's alleged construction comes hot on the heels of dystopian Obama-produced apocalypse flick "Leave The World Behind," Alex Jones' haunting apocalypse predictions of 2023, and the trailer for upcoming film "Civil War."

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And built right on top of a supposedly dormant volcano???