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Alex Jones, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, military intelligence, AI wars and Skynet

• Natural news - Mike Adams

The following is a partial auto-generated transcript of the Mike Adams broadcast (Brighteon Broadcast News) for Dec 12, 2023. The full episode is available in audio format at this link on (posting late Monday morning).

Welcome to Brighteon broadcast news for Monday, December 11 2023. Mike Adams here, thank you for joining me today. The working title for this podcast is, "Alex Jones reinstated on Twitter as powerful deep intelligence networks prepare to reinstate Trump to keep America alive."

Now, this title may change by the time you see this, but that last phrase is really critical to understand: To keep America alive. And what I'm going to reveal to you today here in this analysis is that the reinstatement of Alex Jones on Twitter is no accident. And it has much larger implications than what most people imagine. Because it coincides with Elon Musk, the military, what I call deep intelligence networks, and how they are now supporting Elon Musk, and they are supporting Tucker Carlson. And they're also preparing to put Trump back into office for a third term. And that's not a typo. This would be Trump's third term, not his second term, although the second term was illegally occupied and overwritten by the anti American Biden regime.

I want to explain this right up front. And then I'll go into more detail in this broadcast. But there are essentially two factions battling for control over America right now. There is on one hand, the globalist faction, which is characterized by Barack Obama, Joe Biden, anti American sentiment. The globalism, control grid is working to destroy America's infrastructure, destroy America's currency, there are actually people inside the Biden administration who are trying to collapse the dollar. And they're doing a pretty good job of it, by the way. They want to make America dependent on energy from the Middle East. They want to destroy America's culture. They want to destroy America's Constitution. They are anti First Amendment, anti Second Amendment. And effectively, they're anti military in the sense that they also want to destroy America's military readiness, which they have done to a great extent at this point. Look at what happened with America's withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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