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The Coming 'Grate Taking'?

•, By Wayne Lusvardi

Grate – Toreducetofragments,shreds,orpowderbyrubbingagainstanabrasivesurface.  — Free Dictionary

A former Wall Street hedge fund manager David Rogers Webb has self-produced a disturbing new video documentary and book titled "The Great Taking".  The book tells a story of how assets were confiscated during the Great Depression and how it is likely to repeat itself when the threatened Great Reset is rolled out. Webb now lives in Sweden on a farm.

I question whether Webb has any real solutions to a prospective electronic confiscation of assets, except living in a country such as Sweden that has already eliminated cash and spearheads massive Muslim immigration.  Nonetheless, I will let Webb speak for himself from his book:

"The financial system must be restarted, so that we can provide credit to you again, create jobs and get the economy growing, whatever it takes!"

"This time, what it will take is all of your property, or what you thought was your property. Here is your Central Bank Digital Currency deposited on your smart phone, so that you can buy milk. Noblesse Oblige!"

"There are now no property rights to securities held in book-entry form in any jurisdiction, globally."

"Essentially all securities "owned" by the public in custodial accounts, pension plans and investment funds are now encumbered as collateral underpinning the derivatives complex, which is so large an order of magnitude greater than the entire global economy-that there is not enough of anything in the world to back it."

"I assure you that this is not conjecture. You would be greatly mistaken in dismissing this as "conspiracy theory", which is a common reaction to so much unpleasantness. It is possible to really know about this. The documentation is absolutely irrefutable."

"My Aunt Elizabeth had been ten years old when the banks were closed by executive order in 1933"

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