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The World Is Getting Tired of Ukraine vs. Russia

• Organic Prepper - Marie Hawthorne

Ever since the October 7 attacks against Israeli civilians, the conflict in Ukraine has largely disappeared from public view.  Less than two years ago, Ukrainian flags and signs of solidarity were everywhere. What's going on now?  Are people still getting killed?  Are we still arming them?  Is peace being negotiated?

Early in November, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief Valery Zaluzhny admitted in an interview with The Economist that the war is at a stalemate.  He stated frankly that Russia has three times as many men as they do, and that their technology is too similar for a huge breakthrough unless the Ukrainians are given some kind of massive technological advantage.

President Zelensky has always been insistent that Ukraine can beat off Russia, and for a long time, General Zaluzhny was, too.  After the slow counteroffensive this spring, rather than admitting any difficulties within the Ukrainian military, he was quick to blame Americans, saying we were not giving him enough advanced weaponry.

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