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Humanity Under Assault by the Elites – When Will We Have Had Enough?


For most people, it's difficult to visualize much of what's happening today. This is why so many seem in the dark about what we should do to alleviate our problems. Looking at the situation in which a proxy war is being waged on Russia from Ukraine, things just don't seem to add up. The same is true for the genocide now going on in Gaza. And when we superimpose problems like curing cancer and other diseases, environmental problems, and failing economies, the only thing we can see is that our leaders have failed miserably at prioritising. It's also obvious that we, the people, are the farthest thing from their minds.Regarding visualisation, there's no bigger confusion than grasping just how much money the Western powers are shovelling into the war against Russia. So far, something like $233 billion has been donated to Ukraine. The top donors are the EU($90B) and the United States ($73B). Interestingly, most of the EU funding has been aimed at financial assistance, while the US donates are mostly military aid. Neither the EU nor the US spent much on humanitarian aid, at least not by comparison. But then, humanitarian money does not go into the pockets of the elites, now does it?