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"Shocked": Far right climate deniers get more votes than any other party

•, By Jo Nova

What does "far right" even mean when it applies to a quarter of the population?

It means name-calling is embedded in our vocabulary. Geert Wilder's party has won 37 seats in the Netherlands election with 24% of the vote — more than any other party. There are 150 seats in total in the Dutch Parliament, so it's not clear what the final winning coalition will look like. What is clear is that environmentalists hate it:

'4 years of climate change denial': Dutch environmental groups react to far-right election swing

by Ian Smith, EuroNews

Environmental groups have expressed shock and promised climate action in response to Dutch election results. Wednesday night saw the historic victory of the far right Party for Freedom (PVV).

"We are shocked," Extinction Rebellion Netherlands says. "This outcome will likely mean a rollback of climate measures, new fossil investments, exclusion of marginalised groups, and more."

If far-right applies to a quarter of the population, and the Greens appeal to a much smaller slice, it's only fair they be called the extreme-left, yes?.

How many votes is it worth when a party is gifted a "label" by the media day in and day out. How many people would have voted for a "Centre Right" party who would not even consider "the far right"? It could be a 2 – 5% advantage right there.

Left leaning players cheat and deceive with language every day, and the Right let them get away with it.

We  need to fight for our language, for consistent words.

So let's mock the partisan reporters who keep calling the center Right, the far-right. "We know which way you vote". Ask them to define their terms.

There's a trend across Europe — Victor Orban (Hungary), Geiorgia Meloni (Italy), Sweden, Finland…