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Who Owns Your Children? The Government Keeps Acting Like It Does

• by Derrick Broze

In September, the First Circuit Court of Appeals heard arguments in a high-profile case regarding whether a school violated parents' constitutional rights by actively encouraging their 11-year-old daughter to transition her gender while keeping it a secret from the parents.

School officials followed a school board policy that encourages them to privately meet with the child and affirm her gender transition, allow her to use the boys' bathroom, and instruct everyone at school to use her new name and pronouns. The school also asserted that the parents weren't providing a safe environment at home.

The school's attorney argued in court that parents do not have a right to know about their child's "gender transition" because "you can't decide to have transgender children or not to have transgender children." The attorney said the school was not obligated to tell parents various things about students. Topics the lawyer claimed are exempt from parent-teacher conversations include whether the child is depressed, suicidal, has been raped, or had an abortion.

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Your children are your property. Nobody made them except you, your spouse and God.In court, treat them as your property with pictures and other evidence that show which of your property you are talking about. | Don't sign any paperwork with government regarding your family. Your marriage certificate, if you sign it, should be signed "non-assumpsit, (your signature)." Same with any signing of birth certificates and Social Security number applications. Sign almost any government form this way so that you cannot be treated as their property by the government just for signing a form of theirs.