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Is Naomi Klein "Othering" Me Due to Family Ties' Multi-Millions in Vaccine Money?

•, By Dr Naomi Wolf

The writer, Naomi Klein, wrote a whole book, Doppelgänger: A Trip Into the Mirror World, weirdly, I gather, centering on me.

I have intentionally not read it yet, and I had hoped not to have to do so.

But I may have to; because I uncovered such a stunning conflict of interest — the Klein family, and extended family's, interests, awash in Pharma money directly tied to vaccines.

I have tried til now to stay above what seemed to me to be simply an out-of-the-blue mean-girl eighth-grade level one-sided spat (with textbook stalker qualities thrown in). I did not wish to have someone else's preoccupation with me in that context, impose itself into my consciousness. But the money trail I uncovered, forces me to speak.

Like many women (and men) in public life, I have had stalkers before. Indeed, his expertise in counterstalking was what led me to hire my now-husband Brian O'Shea to make my stalkers at that time go away.

I know from having been targeted by stalkers before, that this disorder has five standard ways of progressing. It is not unusual for this disorder to lead people who suffer from it, to project onto the target of their attention the notion that the two of them are in an intimate relationship that does not exist; to cyberstalk them online; to observe their public appearances; to spread rumors about them; to track their behavior; to imagine that the subject is already part of the stalker ("my Doppelgänger", she calls me), and that the target will eventually be forced to merge into the stalker to "complete" him or her.

Given what I have lived through in the past, I wanted no part of any writer's obsession about me in my consciousness. Imagine the red flags it would send up to all if a male intellectual insistently described a totally unrelated, very different female writer as being in fact his own projection — his own "doppelgänger" or personal double; spent hours ruminating about her and watching her videos, and then went public with this preoccupation.