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Tesla Megapack Factory Production Limit Solved and Capacity Will be Doubled to 80 GWh

• arclein

Tesla expanding to four lines and 80 GWh would be $40 billion per year in revenue. This would be about $8-10 billion per year of profit. Tesla has about $10 billion of net income this year for all of the car business. IF Tesla expands to 80GWH/year of megapacks then this will more than double profits for 2024 versus 2023. They are averaging 12-15 megapacks per day but have the current capacity for 18 megapacks per day. Megapacks for 4 MWH of energy per unit. This would mean about $2 to 2.5 Billion in megapacks for the quarter. However, the revenue is not recognized until the packs are installed and connected to the grid which can take 1-3 months after they are made.