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The truth about Thanksgiving rows revealed:


Americans know all too well that Thanksgiving is a risky time of year.

Family members travel hundreds of miles to see one another, sitting down for dinner with relatives they may only encounter once or twice a decade.

Add to this some apple cider cocktails, long-standing feuds and sibling rivalries, and the results can be explosive.

As November 23 approaches, the number of people tapping 'Thanksgiving fight' into their search bar has risen precipitously.

Social media users predict trouble on America's national holiday.

'Which topic do you think would result in a blow up fight with family members at Thanksgiving?' asked Jeff Dornik, an author, on X on Tuesday.

Those responding suggested Covid-19 vaccines, pre-martial sex and whether Donald Trump won the 2020 election, as the former president falsely asserts.

'I'll be at my in-laws,' replied a user known as Atom.

'Anything to do with protecting children from pedophiles and the trans movement causes a nuclear reaction.'

A survey from USA TODAY Blueprint shows they are right to worry.

The poll of 2,000 adults found that only 12 percent said their family never got into rows.

More than half — 51 percent — said 'family issues' were the most likely cause of a bust-up.

Politics came second. Fully 48 percent of respondents said hot-button issues in current affairs pushed relatives over the edge.