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Rules for the Hunt: 7 Tips for Hunting Safety

• Organic Prepper

by Jordan McDowell

When you're new to hunting, prepping for your trip is an exciting time. It's easy and fun to imagine the trophy buck you might bag, the time in the great outdoors, and the psychological thrill of the hunt. But most people don't imagine the possible dangers that can befall hunters and those nearby. Hunting and firearm accidents can and do happen, so it's best to learn hunting safety precautions before you pack up your gear and hit the early dawn treestand. 

Here are seven hunting safety tips that can help save a life or keep you and others from injury.

1) Practice Firearm Safety

Many hunting accidents are due to hunters being careless with their weapons. Firearm safety should be learned well before you fire your first gun. 

Here are the basics of firearm safety that are taught in any hunting safety course:

• Always treat your firearm as if it was loaded.

• Keep your safety on until you're ready to shoot.

• Keep your finger off and away from the trigger until you're ready to fire.

• Keep the muzzle of your gun pointed in a safe direction and never at another person.

• Be absolutely sure of your target. Never confuse game with a person or pets.

• Be aware of what is beyond your target. Never shoot close to another person or a dwelling.

Learn and memorize these firearm safety tips and preach them to fellow hunters.