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San Francisco Clears Homeless And Cleans Sh*t-Covered Streets For World Leaders Next Week

•, by Tyler Durden

These measures have been implemented as a temporary solution ahead of the global trade summit that will flood the city with world leaders and corporate executives beginning today. 

The annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit is San Francisco's largest international event since world leaders gathered in the town in 1945 to sign the charter creating the United Nations. A lot has changed in the metro area in 78 years, including radical leftists in City Hall that have pushed failed 'defund the police' policies that have transformed parts of the region into an out-of-control, crime-infested hellhole. 

The New York Post confirmed the wonderful folks in City Hall began pushing "drug addicts, dealers, and homeless" from the downtown area to other parts of the city, an effort that some believe is to conceal their failed policies from the international community during APEC. 

Residents and business owners told The Post that Mayor London Breed's attempts to "herd" the homeless and drug addicts to an opposite side of the city during the summit are only a "Band-Aid" amid the worst crime crisis the city has ever seen.  

Sources said the cleanup of homeless people and drug addicts is concentrated across seven intersections in the Tenderloin and South of Market, or SoMa, neighborhoods. These areas have been known to be covered in shit and fentanyl and heroin needles, as well as various tent cities housing the homeless. 

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