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Fast Submarine-Hydrofoil Drone Prototype

•, by Brian Wang

The K40 will be able to hold 1000 kilogram payload and operate autonomously for ten days.

This is a pivotal step in the technical evolution of Kraken's K40 MANTA platform, setting the foundation for the development of enhanced autonomous capabilities and ultimately, full autonomy.

The K40 is an uncrewed surface-subsurface (USSV) platform that uses foils for rapid surface transit before submerging for clandestine manoeuvring. This high-performance vessel requires well-established, cutting-edge control systems and L3Harris possesses the necessary components and expertise required for seamless integration into the K40 MANTA. These integrated systems will enable the remote control of the uncrewed platform for engineering testing, foil development, powertrain calibration and demonstration before enhancement in later developmental stages.

K40 is a unique, innovative scalable platform bringing rapid uncrewed surface transit of sensor or strike payloads over large distances, before submerging for covert infiltration, persistent recce or loitering roles to the Kraken Security systems of systems. K40 is available in a range of sizes including a 12ft optionally disposable version.