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Incredible footage shows boats pushing a FLOATING ISLAND around a lake

•, By Jessica Hamilton

The island needs to be shifted on a near-annual basis so it doesn't float too close to a bridge that offers passage between the east and west sides of the lake. 

Incredible video footage of the ritual, which happens almost every year, shows locals in their boats working in unison to push the island away from the bridge. 

It's one of several floating islands on the lake, which was created in 1923 after a dam was built on the Chippewa River and flooded 15,000 acres (6,070 hectares) of land, Discover Wisconsin reveals. 

The lake's unique floating islands began as chunks of peat bog that rose up from the land beneath the lake. Over time vegetation started to grow on these 'islands' of bog and soon an entire ecosystem began to thrive.

Since the lake - which is also known as the Chippewa Flowage - was formed, some of the biggest floating bogs have broken apart into smaller islands before eventually disappearing. 

The floating bog island that's proving troublesome for locals is known as the 'Forty Acre Bog' and is crowned by tamarack larch trees. 

Last year, it took over 20 boats to come together to push the island away from the bridge.