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A Separate View of the Israel/Hamas War

•, By Janet Phelan

The understanding includes the recognition that there are certain demographic groups slated for removal, including the elderly, people of color and Jews and that in pursuit of the removal of the latter, it is more than likely that a war will be launched against Israel.

Following the decimation of that tiny country, a selectively delivered pandemic will be released in the US and other countries, to "mop up" the remaining people of Ashkenazi or Sephardic origins who did not choose to move to the ghetto known as Israel, as well as other "inconvenient" racial and political groups. It was initially suggested that the coming pandemic could selectively be delivered through the weaponized wáter system, thoroughly documented in my 2021 book, At the Breaking Point of History and and elsewhere. This thesis was later expanded to include the possibility of the deployment of other selectively delivered weapons systems, such as a selectively delivered "vaccine" or other impostor pharmaceutical.