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Excruciating moment brave pepper experts are left weeping in agony -


Ed Currie - the South Carolina hot pepper expert who crossbred and grew the Carolina Reaper that's hotter than most pepper sprays police use to subdue unruly criminals - has broken his own world record with a pepper that's three times hotter, according to the Scoville scale. 

Pepper X was publicly named the hottest pepper in the world on October 9 by the Guinness Book of World Records, beating out the Reaper in Currie´s decade-long hunt to perfect a pepper that he says provides 'immediate, brutal heat.'

In order to demonstrate the potency of the pepper, Currie brought a suitcase full of Pepper X to the First We Feast set, the YouTube series where celebrities answer questions while eating spicy chicken wings that become spicier and spicier with every question. 

The show's host, Sean Evans, indulged along with his friends, Chili Klaus and Noah Chaimberg. The trio struggled after munching the peppers, making hilarious facial expressions and complaining about the effects of the chili.