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Bill Gates' New Plan: Cut Down 70 Million Acres of Trees to "Combat Global Warming"


Millions of trees, which provide us with oxygen and could have been valuable timber, will be buried instead. This will lead to soaring prices for timber, firewood, pulp, and other wood products as a consequence. The mostly deliberately set forest fires around the world this summer are now being used as a primary argument for deforestation. The destruction of American forests "for the sake of climate" is being led by a Chinese professor. Along with tree planting on arable land and economic incentives for farmers to switch to "carbon farming" instead of food production, the already strained global food production will soon no longer be able to feed the world's population.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft and one of the world's richest globalists, is now funding a new initiative to "combat global warming" and "save the planet." Gates' organization, Breakthrough Energy, has invested $6.6 million in the project led by a company called Kodama Systems, founded in 2021. The plan is to harvest no less than 70 million acres of forest, mostly in the western United States. After mass harvesting, the millions of trees will be buried in the ground so that no one can use them. This is because climate alarmists believe that "burying trees will reduce global warming" as it prevents them from releasing carbon dioxide into the air.

Carbon dioxide in the air is needed for plants and trees to absorb carbon and use it to build their plant parts and grow. Oxygen is released through photosynthesis, which we humans breathe. Therefore, trees sequester large amounts of carbon dioxide during their lifetime. When they die and decompose or burn, the bound carbon dioxide is released. When trees are harvested at the end of their lifespan, when they are most valuable as timber or firewood, and are buried instead of being sold, the idea is that the carbon dioxide will be bound and kept separate from our planet's atmosphere. Therefore, the project's coordinators, known as the Carbon Lockdown Project, plan to store the "biomass in oxygen-free tree vaults" for a long time to come. The trees will be buried or submerged in water instead of being used for things like timber for housing or pulp, which will further increase the prices of timber, firewood, paper, and all wood-based products.