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The Rise Of Nuclear Power In The Middle East

• by Felicity Bradstock

Saudi Arabia aims to have 17 GWe of nuclear capacity by 2040, seeking increased collaboration with the IAEA and potential partnerships with the U.S.

While the Middle East has historically relied on oil and gas, a rising interest in nuclear power indicates a significant shift towards sustainable energy sources in the region.

The Middle East region is expressing increasing interest in developing its nuclear energy industry as the UAE and Saudi Arabia both announce new nuclear power projects. Several governments around the globe are showing renewed interest in low-carbon nuclear power as a means of shifting their reliance away from fossil fuels and supporting the security needs of growing populations while undergoing a green transition. The U.S., the U.K., and several European countries have recently announced plans for the development of new nuclear plants, building upon their existing nuclear capabilities to produce more clean energy. And now, several Middle Eastern countries appear to want to develop their own nuclear programs to ensure the future of their energy security and their contribution to a global green transition

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