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Peter Schiff: Banks Have A Bigger Real Estate Problem Today Than They Did in 2007

• by Tyler Durden

Most people in the mainstream will scoff at that statement. They'll tell you that the situation is very different today. After all, we don't have a big problem in the subprime mortgage market. We're not seeing a big spike in defaults. That's true. The problem is different this time. And it's actually worse.

Most people will acknowledge that there are problems in the real estate market. Home sales continue to decline as mortgage rates climb. Pending home sales fell more than expected in August, with the National Association of Realtors' Pending Home Sales Index falling to the lowest level since September 2022.

Meanwhile, home prices have fallen off the peak we saw in 2021, but they haven't declined as much as you might expect because housing inventory remains tight.

So, what's the problem?