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Terminator-inspired Electrodes Grown in Living Brains Pave Way for Neurological Disorder Treatments

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Activist Post Editor's Note: Of course this type of technology can offer breakthroughs in health, but it shouldn't take science fiction to predict where this can also go horribly wrong, not to mention potential military applications.

Electrical conductors, reminiscent of those in the "Terminator" films, which can guide brain activity, have been successfully grown inside the brains of fish and worms. This advancement could set the stage for innovative treatments for neurological conditions, including Alzheimer's, according to researchers.

These minuscule electrodes are fabricated from an injectable, viscous gel enriched with enzymes that serve as "assembly molecules." This technology was cultivated within the tissues of zebrafish and medicinal leeches.

"Contact with the body's substances changes the structure of the gel and makes it electrically conductive, which it isn't before injection," says Dr. Xenofon Strakosas, the study's lead author and a researcher at Lund University, in a media release. "Depending on the tissue, we can also adjust the composition of the gel to get the electrical process going."