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Jackson, Wyoming, bought 8 electric buses for its public transit system …

• by Ethan Huff

When Jackson, Wyoming, located in gorgeous Teton County, first decided to replace all of its diesel public transit buses with the latest and "greatest" electric buses from the "green" industry, town and county leaders thought they were being really cool and "progressive" by embracing what has since been exposed as a massive "green" failure and scam operation.

You see, of the eight electric buses that Jackson officials proudly purchased to replace all of the area's diesel buses, a total of zero of them are actually functional. What is worse, the company that manufactured them, California-based Proterra, has since gone bankrupt, which means that Jackson and Teton County taxpayers got taken for a ride – but not literally, since all the EV buses are broken – by the green scam known as EVs.

For now, all those cheap plastic Teslas and other wannabe-Tesla EVs on the road right now are still mostly functional, kind of, since they are mere passenger vehicles. The same cannot be said for buses and other large vehicles, though, which when in electric form are piles of junk that simply are not reliable for the long haul – if they even work at all.