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Who Will Be Affected by a Government Shutdown? Not Ukrainians, Just Americans.

• By Daisy Luther

While part of me says, "Hey, don't threaten ME with a good time," the nicer part is concerned for the Americans who will be affected by this.

For example, essential government workers will still be on the job, but without pay. And in this economy, who on earth can afford that?

Anyway, this is really out of our hands, like so much lately. It's all down to the folks who are tasked with "representing" us in Washington, DC. They've reached a short-term stopgap that funds the government through the month of October and half of November (and offers 6 billion dollars to Ukraine), but the threat is far from over.

Here's who would be affected by a government shutdown.

Here, as per Reuters, is what and who would be affected should Congress not come to an agreement by November 17th.