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How The Upcoming Tesla Model 2 Looks To Put A Stop To Japanese EVs

• by Tiong Lee

Tesla's continuous drive for innovation has led it to dedicate significant time and resources to drive EV manufacturing costs down, posing a challenge to Japanese automakers who must play catchup.

As a result, the upcoming entry-level Tesla Model 2 will offer advanced EV technologies while costing around $25,000, putting a stop to Japanese EVs.

Since the 2010s, the global electric car market trend has been growing rapidly. Japanese car manufacturers were among the pioneers in producing modern mass-market electric vehicles. During the 2000s, Japanese companies pioneered EVs, such as the Nissan Leaf.

However, the state of the EV market today sees Tesla, Volkswagen, and BYD leading the race for global electric vehicle market share. Additionally, other legacy auto companies worldwide also seek to stake their claim in EV's growing global market. Tesla continues to expand its product line, with an upcoming entry-level electric car reported to be called the Tesla Model 2. With the Model 2, Tesla aims to pressure other EV competitors by offering sophisticated EVs with improved range at competitive prices. So, the next big question is, "How much will the Tesla Model 2 cost?" With the Tesla Model 3 price setting a new benchmark in EV affordability, consumers can expect the upcoming Model 2 to change the current EV landscape.