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My Gromyko Theory

•, By Karen Kwiatkowski

If Cruz can make a prediction, I hope I can be forgiven for this one.

I think Hillary Clinton awaits her second chance – and like CIA mouthpiece David Ignatius, she doesn't want Kamala to be the first woman king. I mentioned this to a likeminded friend, who was horrified – we agreed, everyone we know hates Hillary.

But a Hillary, with her new campaign hairstyle, and possibly running with a healthy-looking younger super leftie like Gavin Newsom, may be required to guarantee a Democratic win 13 months from now.

She is not popular, and neither are the Democrats.  No amount of advanced cheating, corporate funded and media promulgated lies, ballot harvests and dumps, and middle-of-the-night vote counting system resets can give the Democrats a win in 2024.  So how do the Democrats prevail?  They will prevail the same way that they almost won in 2016, and the way they did "win" in 2020, with Joe Biden as presidential placeholder.  Hillary is, like Joe was, the pro-war, pro-state, pro-vaccine uni-party choice, and she will have the silent yet reliable support of the significant GOP fifth column – some of whom you see here.

The uni-party plan was, and remains, to keep Trump off ballots, so red state voters and others can't choose him.  For a decade, the anti-Trump strategy has been the same –  harass, minimize, gaslight, ridicule and sanction the Orange Man and his supporters, and drive disgusted establishment Republicans to vote Democratic or stay home.  The second uni-party objective, beyond his total destruction, is to goad Trump into saying something that costs him his base.  So far, this strategy has backfired  – every establishment taunt and test seemed to help the Trump campaign, with pro-Trump rap videos and popular campaign material featuring his latest mug shot.  Trump runs today 10 points ahead of Biden, according to the Washington Post's own polling.