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This Bonkers Zero-Emissions Airship Was Designed to Fly 'Forever'


The Goodyear Blimp has nothing on this futuristic airship.

The Solar Airship One is a rigid airship that promises to go beyond sci-fi fantasy to reality in the not-too-distant future by circumnavigating the globe using green energy—specifically, solar and hydrogen power—without ever touching down. The designer, Euro Airship, is building what it calls the "commercial airship of the future," predicting the Airship One will have 80 percent less fuel consumption and CO2 emissions than conventional aircraft.

Other firms, including google cofounder Sergey Brin's LTA and the U.K.'s Hybrid Air Vehicles, are also in the process of building eco-friendly airships.

But if this pans out, the Solar Airship One could have the most ambitious initial flight—an equatorial journey around the world of 21,598 nautical miles lasting from 20 to 30 days. Flying at an average altitude of 19,685 feet, the rigid airship will have a reinforced envelope with a double layer, according to its website, that provides stability against external pressures, while also regulating internal temperature. The airship's 15 separate gas envelopes will also be managed individually by software, creating faster maneuverability in different conditions.

Euro Airship told that its craft would normally have a range of about 540 nautical miles, but incorporating solar film into the top half of the envelope to recharge the batteries will allow the airship, at least in theory, to fly perpetually. Its hydrogen fuel cells can then power the aircraft's electric engines by night.

The Solar Airship One is timely, said company officials, given the debate about sustainability in aviation. "The goal is to educate, to catalyze the young generation, for us it is very important because of the climate change, because of the natural disasters coming," Euro Airship crew and French aerobatic pilot Dorine Bourneton told recently.  "That we need to have a new mobility—a green mobility."

The French firm has signed on the logistics team that managed the round-the-world balloon flight of Bertrand Piccard. Bourneton said that she, Piccard and former space shuttle astronaut and French Air Force pilot Michel Tognini would pilot the Airship on its circumnavigation.