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The Left's Insane Dedication to Defending America's First Narcissistic Junkie Son Can't

• PJ Media

One of the great chasms between the bolshie-Americans and We the People is our unwillingness to bend the knee and join the hive mind. We aren't as easy to control as your pink-haired, non-binary something-in-law who dutifully agrees with everything the Punchinellos at MSNBC tell they/them.

I've made no secret that I'm a MAGA kind of guy, but I would eagerly jump off the Trump train and perhaps book passage on the DeSantis choo-choo if there was a Rocky Mountian-high pile of evidence suggesting that:

• Trump accepted millions in bribes from everyone waving a C-note, especially Chinese commies

• He used his druggie, Fredo-like son Donald Trump, Jr. as a bagman

• Trump weaponized his FBI to persecute his political adversaries.

But that pile of evidence doesn't point to Trump and his son; it all points to *President Biden and his drug-addled progeny, Hunter, yet a poll from Real Clear Politics tells us that Trump is barely beating Biden in a 2024 election grudge match.

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