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Ray Epps' Attorney Says His January 6 Charge Actually Helps Him


Perhaps that's why Epps was charged nearly three years after the January 6 Capitol riot on a mere misdemeanor of disorderly conduct — a nothing-burger compared to others who did as much or less and now sit in the D.C. political gulag or are already in prison.

Epps, an Oath Keepers leader, said he traveled from Arizona to see President Trump's speech in D.C., but instead of watching it placed himself at two breach points into the Capitol and urged people to go inside on January 6.

wrote about Epps's curious activities on both January 5 and 6 and noted that his choice of criminal attorney was quite fortunate. His civil attorneys certainly were very well connected — to Democrat operatives.

Epps has also managed to snag very connected civil attorneys in his defamation lawsuit against Fox News for reporting on his J6 activities. Attorney Michael J. Teter is helping to oversee his defamation case. Teter, an attorney for the radical Democrat lawfare group 65 Project, is attempting to disbar all lawyers who have helped President Trump. This is obviously to scare any and all attorneys away from working for the former president. Teter also works in concert with Delaware attorney Brian Farnan, who represented Dominion Voting Systems in its defamation against Fox News.

The 65 Project's PR firm released a statement on Wednesday following Epps's virtual guilty plea. Teter said, "From the very moment that Ray Epps learned the FBI sought to identify him, Ray cooperated and has taken responsibility for his actions." As I noted, the FBI placed Epps on its January 6 most wanted list for his activities on January 6, and then, oddly, without explanation, removed him. Teter said, "[Wednesday's] hearing and the plea agreement reached with the Department of Justice is further proof of that."