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Biden to Launch Kiddie Klimate Korps Jobs Training Program


Democrats have yet to fall out of love with Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal-era programs. In some ways, they wish that FDR would rise from the grave and lead them to victory at the polls — as he did for 14 years straight in the 1930s and '40s.

Alas, the sands of time move inexorably through the hourglass. FDR is moldy, and the coalition that brought Democrats that string of electoral victories is just as corrupted as old Franklin's bones.

But a Democrat can dream, can't he?

Biden is old enough to remember New Deal programs. And he had a hand in creating the modern welfare state in the 1970s and '80s. Whether Biden is nostalgic for big government programs or just completely bereft of new ideas, the president has married his love of the climate crisis with his love of big government. The result is a Frankenstein monster guaranteed to be a black hole of government funds.

It's a jobs training program for young people that I'm calling the 'Kiddie Klimate Korps' to highlight the utter ridiculousness of trying to shoehorn the 1930s into the 21st century.