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McCarthy Fails For 2nd Time To Advance Bill Funding Defense Department As Ukraine Sows Division

• by Tyler Durden

Politico has reported secret, urgent cross-aisle talks as follows: "Small groups of centrist Democrats are holding secret talks with several of McCarthy's close GOP allies about a last-ditch deal to fund the government, according to more than a half-dozen people familiar with the discussions."

The House voted 212-216 against moving the funding bill to a final vote: Axios

A small group of conservative holdouts are harping on the key controversial issues of Ukraine and the US border:

Generally, the bipartisan group is focusing on two major ideas: a procedural maneuver to force a vote on a compromise spending plan — or somehow crafting a bill so popular that McCarthy can pass it and survive any challenge from the right. That bill would likely be a bipartisan short-term patch with some disaster money, Ukraine aid and small-scale border policies, according to multiple people briefed on the talks who spoke on condition of anonymity.