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Ron Paul Institute Conference in Washington DC Sept. 2nd

• Ron Paul Liberty Report

1) Daniel McAdams - Opening Remarks, "Fraying Threads in the Digital Void"

RPI Director opens the Sept. 2nd Ron Paul Institute Conference in Washington DC and presents the themes to be discussed:

2) Gary Heavin - "The Urgency of Our Times"

Gary Heavin is an extraordinarily successful entrepreneur and a Member of the Ron Paul Institute Board. He is an international philanthropist, actually making the world a better place:

3) Jeff Deist - "The US Dollar: Weapon of Mass Destruction"

Rep. Ron Paul's final Chief-of-Staff Jeff Deist discusses the Fed's weapons, de-dollarization, and the "threat" that BRICS poses to US hegemony:

4) Anya Parampil - "The Americas in the 21st Century"

Investigative Journalist Anya Parampil delivers a convincing talk requesting that the United States just be a normal country again...:

5) Jonathan Turley - "From Pillar to Post: The Trump Indictments and the First Amendment"

George Washington University Constitutional Law Professor Jonathan Turley takes apart the Trump indictments and gives his analysis of what may come next:

6) Max Blumenthal - "Ukraine: Europe's 'Big Israel'"

Ukrainian president Zelensky has said that he intends to make Ukraine a "big Israel" in Europe - meaning armed to the teeth and ready for battle. Max Blumenthal of The Grayzone tells the Ron Paul Institute DC Conference why that is a very bad idea: