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Megadeath: The Global Conspiracy To Kill Every Living Thing Until We Submit.

• - Elizabeth Nickson

"Weather was a weapon used over Vietnam," says US Air Force Major General Richard H Roellig. "Would you expect that to be deleted from the availability? No! They continue to expand the scientific aspects of it, to have it available in your portfolio of weaponry would be a natural process. Should you expect it to be available on demand to have the ability to modify weather? Absolutely. Within this country. And others."

"Climate engineering is the crown jewel of the Military-Industrial Complex. It has been used to topple nations all over the globe, facilitating the takeover of hostile countries. We know some of these countries have had their precipitation cut off, like Iran, which stated so on the floor of the U.N." – Dane Wigington

These days if I despair I think of Keats and his nostrum, "some say the world is a vale of tears, I call it a place of soul making." Then I take some pleasure in thinking of my contemporaries being held to account in the afterlife, forced to look at the results of their inaction, their vanity, their self-cherishing, their lack of heart.

At which point I realize I am equally to blame.

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