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The Elite of World Cup bankers tells you to your face - they want to impose CBDC's

• Linkedin - Jose David M.

The elite of World Cup bankers tells you to your face. ?? Bo Li, Deputy Managing Director of the globalist International Monetary Fund (IMF) tells that they want to impose CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies) to keep you under control, to know everything you do, to see if you are a "good citizen" and, if not you are, take away your digital money credit: "Transaction data can be used by credit subscription service providers. How much coffee have you had today? Where did you buy it? Did you take an Uber? What time Where did you go? What are your work hours?" The IMF globalist wants to know everything about you to give you a score and find out if you obey the dictates of the elite, thus establishing totalitarian control as in the disgusting tyranny of the Chinese technato!