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Japanese Scientists Find That Covid-19 And All of the Variants Are Laboratory Creations

•, By Paul Craig Roberts

Famine is in the works with the slaughter of cattle to combat a disputed global warming, withholding of fertilizers from farmers, sanctions, and the replacement of the human diet with bugs and artificial food.  When these three horsemen accomplish their deeds, Death on the Pale Horse will sweep through our ranks. It is difficult to believe in prophecy, especially over thousands of years, but it is happening before our eyes.

War has done his job. Since the Clinton Regime war has been the primary activity of the United States and its empire. Yugoslavia was destroyed. Then Afghanistan. Then Iraq. Then Libya, now Ukraine.  Syria's destruction was attempted by Obama and Israel, but was blocked by Russia.  The Russians' reward was the war in Ukraine. Along the way reformist governments have been overthrown and leaders opposed by Washington assassinated. Millions of people have been killed, maimed, displaced and made refugees with the result being social and political chaos. This terrorism was inflicted in the name of fighting terrorism and spreading democracy.

Pestilence began with endless childhood vaccinations and escalated with the Covid "vaccine,"  which has resulted in millions of deaths and permanent injuries. Now, Japanese scientists find, a new round of man-made Covid variants are being created in laboratories.

Although the whore media and the whore Medical Establishment continue to deny it, we have known for certain for some time from published articles by the world's leading medical scientists that Covid-19 was a laboratory creation.  We know from released official documents that NIH's Tony Fauci financed "gain of function" research both at the University of North Carolina and then at the Wuhan Lab in China.  There is no doubt about this.  It is in the grant records.

Now we have a research report from two top Japanese medical scientists who show that all Covid variants are also laboratory creations, not mutations from a naturally occurring virus.