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US military plans to thwart China with 1,000s of autonomous war drones

• by Loz Blain

"Replicator is meant to help us overcome the PRC's biggest advantage, which is mass," said Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks in a keynote speech earlier this week. "More ships. More missiles. More people. Before Russia invaded Ukraine again in February, they seemed to have that advantage too."

America, she continued, doesn't "use our people as cannon fodder like some competitors do ... We out-match adversaries by out-thinking, out-strategizing, and out-maneuvering them ... Our real comparitive advantage ... is the innovation and spirit of our people."

Not the ~$900 billion annual budget, then, representing a solid 40% of the entire world's military spending and more than double the budgets of China and Russia combined? Righto then!

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Comment by PureTrust
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The badge. China makes very good electronics. We use them. China will mount their own drones... anti-drone drones. These drones will recognize their own by an electronic badge that they will all have. When the US catches on to what China is doing, it will be the war of the drones. --- Big waste of funds, except for the Fed, who will reap an equal or greater amount of money that is borrowed, by creating it, to manufacture US drones. --- War against the American populace, who will have their dollar devalued at the rate at which new money is created by the Fed.

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